Sunday, February 21, 2010

jumping!!! jumping!!!

Westley is happing as long as he can jump on something! Anthing really - his bed, Mason's crip, off the changing table, curbs are pretty cool too! Boys are just silly!!Carson was pushing up on the tramp from underneith, Wes thought this was so so cool!
Dalton made a landing pad for jumping from the stairs, we almost all tried it, it was quite fun (a little scary too!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

PaJAma tIMe

SwEEt MaSonThe 2 mOSt HaNdSOme LitTle BoYS!

MAsOn jUSt CHillIn

WeSSy ThE ChEEse bALl

Thank you Grandma Jaussi for our Cute Matching Jammies!!
We Miss you and Love you lots!!

SnOw TiMe

Wessy and Me making snowmenRoll it...

Toss it...

Wes loved making snowballs. Most of them went at me not the snowman. He is going to be a great snowball fighter very soon!!!

riding his horsy in the snow

Our Santa Experience

Westley started off Loving all the decorations...then he found rudolph...

Mason was totally content...

And then...
even Candy in his mouth I couldn't snap the camera fast enough to get Wes actually by Santa. It was a very Hilarious moment. A great one for the books!!

So here is Mason and Santa. He did fine, there was too much to look around at so he wouldn't look at me. Oh well - what would Santa Pictures be without some really interesting one's?!?

MeRRy CHriStMAs To aLL!!

Mason is Sitting UP!!!

My BiG liTTle MAn sitting up @ 5 1/2 months Mason loves hair! I just thought this was a funny shot

MAsON aNd moMMy


The MaN ALL oN hiS Own

Mags Window Painting

This year I got to do the Christmas Window painting for all KFC's in the Treasure Valley. It was a very fun but freezing experience!!

My little Family

on Thanksgiving Day

My boys with Uncle Eric

Westley with Uncle Carson

Me with my adorable little niece Riley!!
I love the HOT PINK outfit!!!
And Riley's mommy Nellie!!